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Isato Kubo

Isato Kubo joined the school of Taiki-ken at the age of 19. He studied his art under the legendary Master Kenichi Sawai himself. After some years of intensive training he became the youngest trainee to have the license of Renshi 5th dan. After reaching this master level he flew to Europe, to practice Kumite (Free fight) under Jan Kallenbach his elder Taiki-ken apprentice and kumite specialist. Isato Kubo visited China several times to learn the source of Yi quan
(Da cheng quan) under Yao Chengguang and Yao Chengrong the successors of  Yi quan. He published several books and videos on Taikiken. And for the progress of Taikiken he set up the Japan Taikiken Association for training and spreading Taikiken world wide.
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