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Taiki, Taikiken Taziano Santambrogio
Starts practicing Martial Arts since 1976. He begins with Shotokan style karate (first with Master Roedner, and than with Masters Kanazawa and Master Miura), later he continues by studying other Japanese styles, such as Shito Ryu (Master Kono and Master Nakahashi), Shingakukai (Master Ito), Goju Ryu (Master Tamano and Master Katsutoshi), Wado Ryu (Master Basile and Master Ravignani).
Pushed by the desire to study in depth these arts and their efficacy, he practices the Contact, renamed nowadays Kick Boxing (with Masters Falsoni and Bellettini, and with champions such as Tonus and Franchi); the desire to better understand their origins brings him to meet Master Kenji Tokitsu, passionate studious and seeker for Asian Combat Arts meaning. From him he learns Taiki Ken. It is love at first sight.

Obtained the qualification as teacher, Tiziano left Master Tokitsu to start studying Moro Budo Araki Ryu Kenpo with Master Yamazaki Ansai. Santambrogio receives from him the 8th dan and the authorization to found his own style, which Tiziano names  “Asian Kenpo Fighting” always adding “Taiki Ken” at the end. Tiziano’s style, besides Taiki Ken, includes elements from I Ken of Master Sun Li, learned by  attending and obtaining  the diploma at the course for instructors of Master Stefano Agostini.
He also teaches Tai Chi Chuan (diploma with Master Erle Montaigue) and Wing Chun (diploma with Master Kenneth Anderson).

He teaches in Milan (Italy).
E-mail: tsantambrogio@yahoo.it
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The mechanism of nine-restoration and seven-reversion, is not inside and not outside:
The original nature of reality is ultimately formless.
The eternal open awareness is never obscured.
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