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Sensei Soussi started the Karate Shotokan in Brussels with Jean Dehas Master in 1975. He discovered the Kyokushin the next year with Master Andree Rigiani and Master Takumi a student of Sensei Oyama.
Soussi has spent a few years practicing these two disciplines to acquire a solid background. After few years, he started to look for a new school and a new way to learn. In the 1980s, he discovered the Kickboxing with Sensei Jan Plas at the Mejiro Gym of Amsterdam.
Soussi became a member of this gym and went there several times to practice. At this gym, he met some few champion as Lucien Garbin, Fred Royers and Rob Kaman.

In 1993, Sensei Soussi took part in a seminar in France with Shihan Gilles Richard. It was there that Soussi discovered the Shidokan Karate. He went to Japan to participate in the first international Championship of Shidokan Karate as a guest of Master Yoshiji Soeno. It was a true revelation and a comeback to the root with Jissen Karate. Since this time, Soussi went back to Japan several times. He won the second place at the Championship of Japan in 1998.

In 2005, Sensei Soussi found out the Taikiken with Sensei Ron Nansink, who was a student of Kenichi Sawai, the founder of Taikiken in Japan. Since then, he has become a passionate of this discipline and a good student of  Ron Nansink. Inspired by Ron Nansink, Sensei Soussi went to the Honbu Dojo of Taikiken to practice and gain experience.
Advised by Sensei Nansink, Soussi went to Japan to follow a traineeship under the lead of Sensei Shimada.
Continuig his research and development, Sensei Soussi decided in 2019 to promote this discipline in Belgium and spread the values and benefits of Taikiken, under the lead of Sensei Nansink.
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For harmonious attunement, movement is valuable, for careful concentration,
stillness is valuable.
Movement is patterned on heaven, stillness is patterned on earth, when body and mind are both calm, heaven and earth join.
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