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Yasuhide TAKAGI
Yasuhide Takagi was born in Tokyo in 1954. He got shisei-kenpou 5th-dan 'renshi', a title bestowed on only a handful of Mr. Sawai's students, and is now the head of Taiki-ken Shisei-jyuku. When he was the captain of the karate-club in the Housei University, he stayed in Netherlands for training karate. As a member of the Netherlands national karate team, he visited a few countries in Europe. After returning from the Netherlands, he joined Sawai's school. Through many matches with martial artists from other outside schools, under Sawai, he became the head of 'Renshi' at the 2nd golden age of Mr. Sawai's school. Furthermore, in accordance with Sawai's recommendation, he was instructed under Mr. Norimasa Iwama, who was one of the top students at the 1st golden age of Mr. Sawai's school, for 2 years. After the death of Sawai, he learned Yiquan from Master Yao Chengguang and Master Yao Chengrong, sons of Master Yao Zongxun who was the formal successor of Yiquan.

Master Wang and Sawai stressed that the best place place for training for enhancing Ki (ch'i) was outside surrounded by many trees, namely in nature. Therefore, we are practicing in the city parks in the above places. If you want to join Shisei-jyuku, please send e-mail to gamegame@tk.usen.ne.jp  Upon receipt of it, we will respond to you.
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Do not use intellectual brilliance.
If you have talent, do not employ I;
always be as inept;
If you have knowledge,
hide it appearing to be ignorant.
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