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Be tolerant, but do not let others take your tolerance for granted; be astute, but make allowance for others. Give away what surplus things you have so as to build up your good will; do not exhaust the good will of others so as to maintain good relationships.


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Masashi Saito first generation Taikiken student of master Kenichi Sawai
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Masashi Saito, a first-generation Taikiken student of Kenichi Sawai. Known for his interest in Chinese health improvement and philosophy.

Is a first generation Taikiken student of master Kenichi Sawai, and a member of the first group training in Meiji jingu. Masashi Saito was one of the few students who did speak English so Sawai sensei often used him to translate his Taikiken explanations to the first foreign students training Taikiken in Japan. Saito sensei is besides Taikiken also known for his keen interest in Chinese health improvement and Chinese Philosophy. 

He is a student of one of the first Chinese Taijiquan teachers in Japan, Wang (Oshi Os) sensei. Saito sensei was one of the few Japanese who worked with Wang Shu Chin (O JU Kin) an old friend of Master Kenichi Sawai. The big master from Taiwan who gave a Chinese Wushu demonstration of in the Tokyo Budokan in which also Masashi Saito and Hatsuo Royama participated.

Masashi Saito developed his own “style” within Taikiken, in the sense that he can walk extremely deep and very well coordinated.

Masashi Saito practicing deep hai walking in Taikiken.
Masashi Saito Mae geri practice in Taikiken.
Masashi Saito defence against Mawashi geri practice with Akio Sawai.

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