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The Taikiken pages, a compact introduction of Taikiken and Kenichi Sawai's book - 

The Essence of Kung Fu 

& profiles of known and unknown martial artists who practice Taikiken.


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"Experience the Essence of Taikiken Training in Meiji Jingu Tokyo with Our Photo Gallery"

This Photo Gallery is a homage to Hideo Matsunaga, martial artist and sports photographer well-know for his excellent action photographs. This collage of his photo’s show the special atmosphere of Kenichi Sawai’s Taikiken training in Meiji Jingu in Tokyo.

Kenichi Sawai with the Taikiken Meiji Jingu group.
Hideo Matsunaga and Mas Oyama, Kyokushin karate.
Hideo Matsunaga Kyokushinkai Karate front kick.

Hideo Matsunaga’s photo’s are in our opinion the right stuff to get the Meiji Jingu feeling working. That is why we share our collection, to help you to understand the true meaning and essence of the training Taikiken in a natural environment. These photo’s show Sawai Sensei’s special way of teaching and sharing his expertise in Taikiken as a contemporary combat science.

Taikiken defence against mawashi geri.
Taikiken Sunday group Meiji Jingu.
Taikiken Sawai sensei mae geri defence.
Taikiken elbow block against mawashi geri.
Sawai sensei and Ron Nansink Shinai attack and defence.
Sawai sensei and Ron Nansink Shinai attack and defence.
Sawai sensei and Iwama sensei Mae geri uke.
Taikiken koken l uke Sawai sensei.
Meiji Jingu Taikiken sharing with Sawai sensei.
Taikiken Meiji Jingu with Sawai sensei.
Sawai sensei Sunday morning Taikiken meeting.

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