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Rinus SCHULZ sensei: a 9th Dan Grade Kyokushinkai Karate instructor who also mastered Taikiken, Tajiquan, and Yiquan. SEO: Remember the life and teachings of Rinus SCHULZ sensei, an all-round Budo instructor who dedicated his life to mastering martial arts and internal practices like Taikiken, Tajiquan, and Yiquan.

Lived in Assendelft. The Netherlands, together with his Chinese wile Ho Ngan Ying. 

Rinus started Judo in 1955 and in 1961 with training Kyokushinkai Karate with Jon Bluming reaching a 9th Dan Grade. Rinus Schulz was for one of the most allround and technically skilled Budo instructors in Jon Bluming's Kyokushinkai dojo in Amsterdam. He trained a lot with Kenji Kurosaki during his one year stay in Amsterdam. Kurosaki sensei later founded Mejiro kickboxing gym in Japan, now called the Kurosaki dojo. 

Together with Jan Voormeij he started his Taikiken training, in the early 70's, with the 3 next Kyoshi (high graduation in Taikiken): Sato Yoshimichi, (master Sawai's son in law), Akio Sawai and Iwama Norimasa, who teached Taikiken in the Shin Bu Ken dojo in Amsterdam on invitation of Jan Kallenbach. 

Rinus also studied Tajiquan, Xinyiquan and Yiquan with Jan Voormeij and has been practicing these internal martial arts ever since,.

At the age of 78 he has truly accumulated a deeper knowledge and great skills in Taikiken (Yiquan.) 

Rinus Schulz was also proficient in Chinese painting and calligraphy, ever he was retired from work he occasionally teached on special request.

Rinus Schulz, Taikiken demo with Ton Heumen.
Rinus Shulz standing Taikiken Ritsuzen in his home garden.
Rinus Schulz, Taikiken demo mae geri defence with Ton Heumen.
Rinus Schulz, Taikiken demo with Ton Heumen, Sashite against mae geri.
Rinus Schulz making fun with his Kyokushin friends Kallenbach and Seriese.
Rinus Schulz, Taikiken demo with Ton Heumen, sashite against shinai.
Rinus Schulz showing flying side kick in the Honbu dojo Amsterdam.
Rinus Schulz gives a early days Taikiken demo during a trainingscamp.
Rinus Schulz with Kenji Kurasaki Kyokushin in Amsterdam.
Rinus Schulz Taikiken posing in Taikiken gi.

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