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History of Taiki-ken 
About Hsing-i-chuan
Taiki-ken:  Characteristics 
Taiki-ken:  Zen 
Taiki-ken:  Hai
Taiki-ken:  Neri
Taiki-ken:  Mukae-te
Taiki-ken:  Harai-te
Taiki-ken:  Sashi-te
Taiki-ken:  Tan-shu

History of Taiki-ken
About Hsing-i-chuan
Taiki-ken:  Characteristics
Taiki-ken:  Zen
Taiki-ken:  Hai
Taiki-ken:  Neri
Taiki-ken:  Mukae-te
Taiki-ken:  Harai-te
Taiki-ken:  Sashi-te
Taiki-ken:  Tan-shu
The Taikiken pages are dedicated to Master Kenichi Sawai, who expressed his Taiki feelings so well, when he said:

I am proud to be part of a martial-arts tradition as long as that of Ta-ch'eng-ch’üan. (Da cheng quan, Yi quan)
Whenever I think of the past, I see Wang Hsiang-ch'i (Wang Xiangzhai) and hear him saying:
'No matter if you hear ki explained a thousand time, you will never understand it on the basis of explanations alone.  It is something that you must master on your own strength.'
MARTRIX, Intuitive Boxing developed itself from Taikiken, Yiquan, Tai chi chuan and Wuji.
The Web Site gives a lot of information on Combat Science, Self defense, Meditation, Health improvement and Seminars in The Netherlands .
Links to the Taikiken Masters
own Web Sites and Sites with information and articles about Taikiken - Taiki-ken, Taiki,
Shisei-jyuku and Yiquan.
GOOGLE EARTH SHOWS Meiji Jingu the energy and psychic cradle of Taikiken.  click here
showing Kenichi Sawai training and teaching in
Meiji Jingu Tokyo  click here
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GROUP picture- Shimada Sensei’s Taiki training with Jean-luc Lesueur in Paris. click here
Jan Kallenbach
A living Judo, Karate and Taiki-ken legend
visited Japan

offers a special on Taikiken  photo’s and links click here
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Taikiken related events! Workshops, clinics, seminars, martial art holidays. Upcoming courses in The Netherlands and other countries in Europe. click here
HIDEN BUDO & BUJUTSU Published a special on Taikiken in the Netherlands. Extended articles on  Jan Kallenbach, Ron Nansink en Bert de Waart.  click here
The Taikiken pages, a compact introduction of Taikiken
and Kenichi Sawai's book -
The Essence of Kung Fu
& profiles of known and unknown martial artists who practice Taikiken.
Combat science - Taiki-ken - The Essence of Kung-Fu

TAIKIKEN, MMA  video clips

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