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Very great leaders in their domains are only know to exist.

Those next best are beloved and praised.

The lesser are feared and despised.





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Lao Tzu

Ron Nansink during a Management training 250 captains of indudtry.

Round on the Outside

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Square on the Inside

"Unlock Your Leadership Potential with Taikiken Management & Leadership Training"

Taikiken (MartriX) Management & Leadership training is an alchemistic concept of Oriental martial arts (Taikiken Taijiquan), Taoism and contemporary management training.

In our training we use interactive multi discipline concepts to create a powerful and inspiring learning sphere.

We work on themes like personal effectiveness, team tuning, leadership and conflict management.

In our Taikiken workshops and seminars we not only deal with what we see and but also what we feel, how we analyse and act. We work with a broad scale of challenging concepts like: 

Ritsuzen (standing Zen meditation)

Round on the Outside, Square on the Inside

Asking and Giving attention, 

Reading the Air

Follow TheFeel


Protecting borders


Dealing with resistance 

Our trainers guide the participants through their personal learning moments. 

But of course it has not to go so deep, a Taikiken training also can be used as a welcome relaxing and energizing intermezzo during a demanding management training, or as an independent workshop. No two humans, organisations or companies are exactly the same, so we offer made to measure products to suit your personal needs.

A management training that helps you to get your feeling working in daily situations at the working floor. Taikiken is mindfulness in action, meditation in slow motion, coordinating body and mind. You will experience how to move a natural way, round on the outside, square on the inside. It will make you more aware of your interactions with others and your position in life.

Taikiken is great fun to do. A completely different way of moving and thinking, energizing and challenging. After a Taikiken training you feel recharged and refreshed. 

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Nadja Kotrchova during a Management training 250 captains of indudtry.

Round on the Outside

Square on the Inside

Refreshing and Vitalizing Management & Leadership training events, designed to fine-tune your valuable human resources. Develop more coherence and Flow by reducing interference, and improve compatibility in management teams.

Taikiken training is about feeling, it is energizing, challenging, fun, active, and synergetic.

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Taikiken offers an unique management training concept based on time tested Oriental martial arts and Taoist philosophy.

If we work one to one or with five hundred people or more, we go for the best result. 

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Last update: April 2024

Taikiken training and Intuitive Tuning

Taikiken, Intuitive-Boxing and Intuitive-Tuning, are management tools designed for both new and established teams. 

The aim is to develop more coherence by reducing interference, and tuning compatibility within your team. 

You will work together to become more vigorous, both individual and as a team. 

Individual intuition and sense of team feeling, are important for every crew to work at its best. 

Thus, anyone working in physical or virtual teams,organization, company, sport or family, large or small, temporary or permanent will benefit from our training.

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