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Pure is he who does not seek power and wealth. Purer is he who is associated with power and wealth but uncorrupted. 

High is he who does not know how to play tricks. Higher is he who understands tricks but refuses to use them. 


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Yoshimichi Sato demonstrating Taikiken Sashi-te
Unique video Material of Kenichi Sawai and Yoshimichi Sato

Discover the life and teachings of Yoshimichi Sato, chief representative of Taikiken. Learn about his journey from Kyokushin to Tai ki kenpo and his dedication to the art.

In the nineteen sixties Yoshimichi Sato was one of the senior Kyokushin instructors in Mas Oyama´s Honbu dojo in Tokyo.

It was in the Honbu where he was introduced to Taikiken by master Kenichi Sawai who instructed the seniors in his Tai ki kenpo training and the qualities of Chinese wushu and the Chinese Yi-chuan nei-chia concept.

He joined later Sawai sensei first Meiji jingu group and in the early nineteen seventies he did spend one year in Europe, teaching Taikiken on invitation of Jan Kallenbach.

Later he participated in Sawai sensei’s book: “Taikiken the essence of Kung Fu” the first English publication in 1976.

Sato sensei became one of Sawai sensei´s top students and later married his daughter. Sato sensei who in his daily life worked as a English teacher dedicated his life to Taikiken and wrote the book: “Master Kenichi Sawai: The divine fist.” 

After Sawai sensei passed away in 1988, Yoshimichi Sato became the chief representative of Taikiken.

Kyoshi Yoshimichi Sato lives in Yuki, Ibaraki-ken is very active with Taikiken following very closely the teachings of Sawai sensei.

Unique video Material of Kenichi Sawai and Yoshimichi Sato

Sensei Yoshimichi Sato demonstrating Koken.
Taikiken Seminar 1994 Tanshu of sensei Sato Yoshimichi
Sensei Yoshimichi Sato demonstrating Kamai

Taikiken Seminar 1994

Tanshu of sensei Sato Yoshimichi

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